Diverse reads of the week #7

Here I am. Again. With only two titles for this post. And one of them is a short story, too. One of them is Polish though & I am so very excited about it!!! I also just now realised both stories feature trans characters, so we’re having a little bit of a theme here, my dudes.

36042389 copy


Avi Cantor Has Six Months to Live by Sacha Lamb

This is a pretty short story which you can read for free here. But the length doesn’t matter because it still manages to be one of the softest & most lovely stories I read! The two main boys are adorable and I love hem dearly. And we get magical elements too, with demons & curses & stuff! It’s great fun.

fanfik-natalia-osinska copy


Fanfik by Natalia Osińska

You can read my full review (in Polish) here but let me just say: an lgbt novel!! Here!! In this country!! One that is honestly good!! I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been yelling about this ever since I started the book yesterday.

Like I said, the main character is trans. That’s still not very common in US but in Poland??? I literally cannot think of a single novel like that! It’s a huge fuc*ing deal, my guys!!! I’m so so so happy a book like this was published in my country & I hope it will get as popular as it deserves to be! Because honestly? It’s so good? Like it took me a while to get used to the writing, given how it’s in Polish and I just…. don’t really read in Polish anymore. But once I got? Amazing. I lowkey wanna reread it already. :>>>

I’m also running a giveaway for this book on twitter!!


I’m slowly getting out of my reading slump. Very slowly. How was your week re: reading??

6 Replies to “Diverse reads of the week #7”

  1. Great post! I’m really glad that I found your blog because I need to read way more diverse books and I’ll probably just check out all those you’ve mentioned so far 🙂 Also, I really wish my parents would have taught me Polish so I could read that novel and not just be happy that a Polish author wrote about this topic

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    1. Thank you so much!!
      I also always try to find more diverse books, I feel that as a white person that’s the barest minimum of what I can do! So I started this series as an aditional motivation to look for new titles & I’m really really glad it’s helping out someone else!!
      Also omg, that’s wild. Are your parents from Poland? 😮


      1. You’re welcome 😀 yup, my parents moved to Germany before I was born and they mostly wanted me to know German first and well all other attempts to learn Polish over the years sadly didn’t work out. I can sometimes understand things from context and know basically all the vocabulary concerning food 😅

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