LGBT+ ownvoices bingo


Hey guys!! Today I’m here with a cool little idea. My friend Charlotte (go follow her on goodreads, twitter & her book blog!!) and I are running this LGBT+ ownvoices bingo from March 16th till April 16th!

Basically we want to read more lgbt books & what’s a better way than to make it into some kind of challenge? What’s important to us is that all stories are ownvoices, both so we can enjoy better representation & because ownvoices authors always deserve more love!! You can also read about it here on twitter & on goodreads.

Charlotte made our card & it looks like this (isn’t it beautiful??). Feel free to do all of it or only some rows/columns, whatever works for you!! We also have a rec list to help you find books to read but, of course, you don’t have to read those specific titles.


When talking about our bingo on twitter, please use a hashtag lgbtovbingo so we can keep track of all of you!! And if there’s enough of us, we plan on setting up a chat as well. :>>>

Let me know if you like our idea & if you’re gonna play and read with us!! I hope we can all have fun together & discover some great new books!!







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7 Replies to “LGBT+ ownvoices bingo”

  1. This is such a great idea, I’m screaming!!!! I’m so excited about your rec list and I hope that maybe I’ll have the time to join the bingo 👏😍

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