LGBT+ ownvoices bingo: Week 1, Day 1


We’re starting!!!

By which I mean we decided it would be the easiest to start at midnight your local time & it’s midnight here in Poland now!

So I made a post last week telling you guys about this idea me & Charlotte had to do a lgbt+ ownvoices bingo. It’s basically because we want to read more lgbt+ books and there’s nothing that motivates you to read more like some kind of a challenge!! The ownvoices part is extra important to us, though, since we want to read books with good representation. It means that finding books to fill up your bingo card becomes harder, but we believe the pleasure from reading is gonna be greater! We compiled a rec list to help you out a little bit with that.

interlude 2

We set up a CHAT for our bingo so we can encourage each other, rec more books & generally have fun. And we want to also be visible on twitter as well, with a hashtag: #lgbtovbingo.

The first book I’m reading for our bingo (though I’m cheating just a tiny bit because I started it earlier but! I didn’t finish it yet! so it totally counts!!) is Wonders of the Invisible World by Christopher Barzak. It’s actually a reread for me & you can find my original micro-review here. It fills the friends to lovers square, more specifically: childhood best friends to lovers!

And once again, here’s our card:



Please participate guys!! The more, the merrier!! 🍑🍑🍑







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