LGBT+ ownvoices bingo: the results


Oh boy. So. This is decidedly not the greatest post for me.

I mean, no one is surprised. I’m a Sagittarius, I live my life solely to start new projects. And then never finish them. Which is exactly what happened here.

We had 16 squares and I managed to read only 5 books – and didn’t get a single bingo while at it!!

In my last bingo related post I already listed the first four books I read & mentioned the one I was reading at the time, so now I will just list the titles:

I have a full review of A Boy at the Edge of the World here & I will be posting a full one for Running With Lions as well in a few weeks – it comes out on June 7th! For now I have a mix for its main character, Sebastian! Check it out here!

To be honest I think 5 books in a month isn’t really a bad result at all. And even if I didn’t read as much as I could have, we still compiled a great rec list with Charlotte so remember to check it out, if you’re ever looking for lgbt+ ownvoices books!


I hope you’re reading more than me atm!! Love, guys!


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