Book inspired mix: Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling


So this will probably be something you all have zero idea about but…. My all time favourite character is Harry James Potter. I will fight anyone at any time over him. HP series isn’t exactly my favourite anymore & JK is definitely not even close to an author I like but Harry??? I would die for him, thanks.

So anyway, this means I have actually more than one mix made for him. And I figured, since I already decided it will be cool to post mixes on this blog, what’s better than to post one made for Harry, right? It’s a little bit old already but it’s not like we got any new canon material after The Deadly Hallows (we did not, don’t talk to me about that “eight book”) so it’s not like it doesn’t fit. Let’s do this then!

Oh, it’s for Harry after the war, just in case that wasn’t clear by the song choices!



FROZEN TO THE BONES; an after the war harry potter mix [listen]

He wants to be tender
and merciful. That sounds overly valorous.
Sounds like penance. And his hands?
His hands keep turning into birds and
flying away from him. Him being you.
Yes. Do you love yourself? I don’t have to
answer that. It should matter.

Richard Siken, “Unfinished Duet”

interlude 2

Tell me which songs you think fit best and why!!

Would you choose any of them yourself?







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