Monthly wrap-up: May 2018

You may ask: so Anna, did you finally get over your reading slump? Did you finally had a good reading month? Do you even know how to read anymore?

My answer to all of those questions would lowkey be NO. I mean, yes, I had a better reading month than that of April but uhh…. Does that mean it was good? I wish!

Basically, I read nine (9) books this month. 30% of that was poetry – it could be more, but I did pretty well in this department. On the other hand only 2 of my May books were actual novels… On the plus side, though, 60% of what I read was LGBT literature!! πŸ’«



I mentioned how many books feature some kind of LGBT themes, so I figured it would be good to also specify which books are they! And what better way than with a cute emoji, right?

interlude 2

This is really all that I read this month… I know, I know, you don’t have to say it! In my defence we have a pretty stressful time at work nowadays, so when I come back home, I dream of nothing but napping. Reading is kind of low on the list of priorities. It’s like 1) nap, 2) eat, 3) nap, 4) nap, … x) read. But The Most Stressful event of the year is in two weeks, so hopefully after that I’ll get to finally relax! And read more!!!

Please keep your fingers crossed for me. :<<<


Have you read any good books this month that you think I would also enjoy?

Please share with me, rec me stuff!







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17 Replies to “Monthly wrap-up: May 2018”

    1. i was reading like over 20 books a month earlier this year :<<< but ur right! thank u!!
      i just REALLY want it to be over already bc it's all we've been talking abt at work literally for the whole year! i just wanna read again please!!!

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  1. Nine books sounds good to me! I only managed to get through four, and that’s impressive for me lol. You’re doing the best you can and that is great! I’m sorry work is super stressful for you right now, I hope you’re able get through the next two weeks well πŸ™‚ And hopefully June will be a better reading month that May!

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  2. Better than reading nothing right! Just do what your body and mind want and try not to concentrate too much on numbers. Your reading will pick up when it’s good for you.

    It sucks that a lot of your books were rated 3 and under as well. That probably doesn’t help.
    I hope once The Most Stressful Event of the Year is over and done you will start to feel your mojo again!


    1. i read like over 20 back in january and february??? HOW !!! but yes, i really really hope june will be better to both of us!! :>>>>


  3. Good luck with that stressful event! I know you got this! πŸ‘πŸ½

    Also 9 isn’t so bad! The important thing is you read something this month 😊

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    1. thank u :<<<< im so tired all the time i rly cant wait for this mess to be over ://

      yeah that's a good way to look at it! thank u!!


  4. So I’m a bit late, but I wish you all the best for this stressful event and I hope you’ll be able to relax again very soon! sending you all the positive vibes and love for this month! xx

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