So you’re in the mood for sapphic graphic novels

I hope none of you, guys, expected any cishet recommendations from me this month? It’s Pride! Any time is good to share good lgbt stories, but this time is the best! So here I am, fulfilling a request for graphic novels & only choosing ones with sapphic leads.

Before we start, a reminder that in this series I already covered retellings, historical fiction with no magical elements, and books set at a boarding school. I have some solid ideas for future posts – especially Pride ones – but please, feel free to suggest genres/tropes/stuff in the comments!!

interlude 2



Joyride, vol. 1 by Jackson Lanzing & Collin Kelly

I actually have a full review of this posted, so I’ll be quick about this. Joyride is set in the future and it’s about some teens & aliens & robots (found family!!) saving the world from fascists. There are some hilarious shenanigans happening, but at its core it’s a series about becoming the best possible version of yourself, about how much love can change your life, about forming families in the least expected places. It’s beautiful.

The sapphic relationship I’m promising is only taking baby steps in the first volume, but please believe me, when you get to the end of volume three, you will be crying happy, gay tears. :>>




Motor Crush, vol. 1 by Brenden Fletcher

Okay, so Domino? The main character of this series? She’s a black butch lesbian. Black. Butch. Lesbian. You’re probably already sold, but listen. This is a sci-fi comic set in the future with some cool technical advancements & even cooler mystery. It’s titled like it is for a reason – Dom is actually a professional motor driver & takes part in races. She also participates in the illegal ones, held at night by gangs…

In volume we meet Domino’s ex-girlfriend and I’m really hoping this means we’ll get some cool development – romantic stylez – in the next volume! Also Dom is just really hot & I’m gay, so.




Kim Reaper, vol. 1: Grim Beginnings by Sarah Graley

One of the cutest things I read this year! Some selling points: an interracial couple, a bisexual MC, and – get this – the LI works part time as a reaper. Yes. I mean, they have good health insurance or something, and anyway, everyone has to pay for uni somehow! My favourite part though, apart from all the fun the girls are having, is that the protagonist is very firm in her beliefs and calls out Kim on her bulshit when the other girl goes too far. It’s very refreshing to see a relationship that actually works through problems, you know.

I also have an aesthetic for it on twitter (yes, the picture of cats is actually significant in terms of the plot) & a small review on goodreads.




Heavy Vinyl, vol. 1 by Carly Usdin

Girls work at a music shop during the day and fight crime in a secret fight club at night! What could be better than this! Well, a main character who’s a giant gay, you say? Joke’s on you, that’s exactly what Heavy Vinyl is!! It doesn’t stop at one sapphic girl, either. We actually get another wlw couple that’s interracial. One of the main characters has two gay dads. The comic is also great when it comes to diversity in race: there’s the aforementioned black half of the sapphic couple and among the main cast there’s a black girl & a Puerto Rican one. There’s also crime & mystery so really, when are you reading this?

Also a twitter aesthetic, I’m a fan of those.




Moonstruck, vol. 1: Magic to Brew by Grace Ellis

Welcome to this magical college city where there are no regular people! Our main character is a plus-sized Latinx lesbian werewolf & her best friend is non-binary centaur with a crush on this minotaur guy. Her girlfriend (they only start dating in the first issue, it’s adorable) is a plus-sized black lesbian werewolf. And those are only the three main characters!! I wish every story was approaching diversity the way Moonstruck is.

My goodread review, which I firmly stand by, says only: “OMG THIS IS THE CUTEST & MOST HILARIOUS & ALSO THE SOFTEST & PUREST & MOST LOVELY THING I EVER SEEN WITH MY OWN TWO GAY EYES”. Let it heal your soul, too.

(Obligatory twitter aesthetic lmao)


I hope at least one title was new for you & caught your attention!!

Please let me know if you’ve read and loved any of those graphic novels or once you read them! I’d love to hear your thoughts!







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17 Replies to “So you’re in the mood for sapphic graphic novels”

  1. *aggresively and passionately adds to my wishlist and lowkey wanna buy them when i get a new card ready for july’s graphic novel read-athonnnnnnn*

    im also rly surprised w myself for already having some of them on my wishlist 😀 *Shares w my book club too*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank u !!!
      moonstruk truly is the cutest thing ever! and aahhh motor crush is lowkey one of my fav comics nowadays! volume 2 actually just came out recently!


  2. AHH I am in love with the girls on the Heavy Vinyl cover!! And I just sampled the first couple of pages and the “I’m running too fast so i end up tripping and running into this hot person’s arms” is one of my favourite openers!

    Have you read The Woods? (Also by Boom!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. it’s incredible, right??? im in love with all those girls!

      aahhh i haven’t!! but i trust everything boom! publishes, they’re my fav 😮 im gonna have to check it out.

      Liked by 1 person

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