“I Spy” book challenge

Right after that horrible stressful event at work was done??? I got sick! Yeah, in the middle of summer! What can I say, I’m very talented… But yeah, that’s why I wasn’t more active around here. And that’s also why I did a fun tag because 1) I deserve fun things and 2) that’s like I have energy for.

Anyway, I got more or less tagged by my favourite sunshine Lily! And what the challenge is all about is: Find a book that contains (either on the cover or in the title) an example for each category. You must have a separate book for all 20, get as creative as you want and do it within five minutes! (I don’t know who thought of the “five minutes” rule but they were cruel and also unrealistic.)


Food 🍑 Transportation 🍑 Weapon 🍑 Animal 🍑 Number

Something You Read 🍑 Body of Water 🍑 Product of Fire 🍑 Royalty 🍑 Architecture

Clothing Item 🍑 Family Member 🍑 Time of Day 🍑 Music 🍑 Paranormal Being

Occupation 🍑 Season 🍑 Color 🍑 Celestial Body 🍑 Something That Grows

interlude 2

Three of those books I haven’t read yet but have on good authority that they’re worth it so honestly? I recommend everything here!!

And since I suck at tagging: if you thought this looks like fun, you’re tagged!!!







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16 Replies to ““I Spy” book challenge”

  1. Ohmygosh your post is gorgeous, Anna! 😍 I love how the way I formatted this tag is getting picked up, hehe. I wish I had thought of TSOA sndjfndjs the cover is so pretty & the Running with Lions’ cover is so nice as well.

    (You brightened my day with your sweet comment!! 😭💓)

    I hope you get well soon, it’s always after a particularly stressful time is over that my body realizes how exhausted it is and I then get sick. 😦 Drink lots of water & sleep a lot!! ❤

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    1. aahh thank u !!! and honestly ur format was so good, it didn’t even cross my mind to think of sth else!! :>>>
      ajsdhsadjh tsoa was the first book i thought of and tbh the reason why i wanted to do the tag,,

      (u always brighten my days with how sweet u r!!)

      yeah i rly hope i feel better SOON bc this is so exhausting.

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      1. i have so many books i wanna reread and have to restrain myself bc i have even more books on my tbr…………… god i need more time :<<


  2. I need to find time to do this tag, it looks so fun! And I love how all the categories are things like “Fire!”, “Earth!”, “The Embodiment of Loneliness!” And there’s one that’s just, “Yeah, just any random book you read.” XDD And sending all the virtual hugs and chicken soup! I hope you get better soon! ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. it was great fun yeah!! and omg i know, right??? i actually chose sth else for that random category first but then had to change bc i needed it elsewhere lmao,,, icb that was the hardest category of them all!
      thank u!!!


  3. I just got over a cold and spent the last week wondering how they heck I got it. Shouldn’t colds hibernate during the summer? I love Forest of a Thousand Lanterns. I am in agony waiting for the sequel. The Outsiders might have been the first book I ever loved. Still makes me emotional thinking about it. Great picks!

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    1. it makes no sense to be sick in the summer!!!!! icb we both had to suffer like that :(((
      god i adore that book too!! i love how ruthless xifeng was allowed to be 😮
      i only read the outsiders like a month ago or something, can u believe???? im still crying abt it………

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  4. I did this tag too! It was super fun going back and looking through all the books I own! Although you did a better job that I did lol. Did you read River of Teeth? It looks crazy cool and I would love to hear your thoughts on it.

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    1. it’s so much fun, right??
      oh my god yeah i did and the second part, too! it’s AMAZING! such a wild trip with basically no cishet characters and one of the best found families i’ve read about in a while! i absolutely loved it

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