Let’s chat: tips on how to read more

Okay, I wanted to try something new here! Maybe “discussion” is too big of a word, but oh well. But also since I’ve never done this, I figured it would be safest to choose a topic that’s not controversial or anything. And we all struggle with reading more, so! Perfect, isn’t it.

I don’t claim to have any real answers or even that my tips would help anymore but me. But then again: who knows!! Maybe someone will find it useful!



read books you’re excited about

By which I mean don’t just put them on TBR list, try to read them as soon as you can! While you’re still hyped about them & actually remember why! I feel like that’s one of my main problems: I will add a book to my TBR, won’t read it for months & then just delete from it, because I don’t remember why I added it in the first place. :<<<

ask friends you trust for recs

The trust is the important part, though, because you might be excellent friends with somebody & still have vastly different taste in books. And that’s great!! That’s amazing! But it also means that you probably won’t like books someone like that recs you… (This works especially well if you already know you share some fav books w your friend.)

dnf shit!

Honestly, don’t bother reading books you don’t like! Even if they’re the most popular thing out there this year. Just don’t read it, if it doesn’t hold your attention. It will only put you in a reading slump & that’s exactly what we wanna avoid. You shouldn’t feel guilty over it, either. It’s only natural we all like different books!

try to brunch out

I feel like people often stick to a few selected genres they know & never try other stuff. Why?? How do you know you don’t like historical romances, if you’ve never tried one? How do you know your new fav author isn’t hiding somewhere out there with a hard sci-fi book?? Plus it really helps to like better your perspective on the world, let’s be real.

don’t just read novels

 This connects with the previous point but seriously! EXPLORE!! Read some poetry, graphic novels, manga, non-fiction books…. There’s a whole damn world of different types of books out there & you might really be surprised to discover some new stuff to love. Even if you think there’s no way you would like a specific type of a book – try it! Give it a shot! Nothing bad happens, if you were right and you might discover some gems, if you were wrong. :>>>

read diverse books

Especially ownvoices! Honestly, ever since I’ve started making a conscious choice to read more books with POC as main characters & written by POC, I feel like my reading life is so much better. My life experience as a white European girl will always be somewhat limited, but god, there are so many books that offer such amazing perspectives on things!!

avoid what you don’t like

I know I literally said you should always try out new things, but also it’s important to keep in mind that you already know yourself & know what are some stuff you really don’t wanna read about. So don’t. Make informed choices about what to include in your TBR list. Check first to make sure a book isn’t a total mistake for you.

know what you’re looking for

By this I mean it’s important to make note of elements in a book that made you tick, so you can find more books like that. Pay attention to what you’re reading & your own reactions, so it’s easier to look for recs. This may sound lowkey patronizing, I realize that, but it happens to the best of us.  Honestly, so many times I was like “IDK what I liked about this book, but I wanna read more of this!!!!” You should know those things! You should be able to pin-point them!

force yourself

Not to read shit or to read when you’re falling asleep, or feeling sick, or just cant look at printed words. But sometimes you’re simply procrastinating, like we all fucking do & really, you gotta make yourself read. You gotta stick through a few pages, even if you don’t feel like it, because chances are, the laziness is gonna go away.

take breaks

The literal opposite of what I just said, I know, but when there’s a reading slump on the horizon?? Just chill. Watch a movie, go for a walk, bake a cake, play with your dog, take a nap, IDK do whatever. There will be days when it’s just impossible to read & that happens to every single one of us, there’s no point in beating yourself up about that.


interlude 2

So that’s it for my tips on how to read more!!

Do you have any other hacks on how to motivate yourself???

We could all always use some, let’s be honest…







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26 Replies to “Let’s chat: tips on how to read more”

  1. I am on Goodreads and that really motivates me to read and record what I have written. Maybe it has become a bit of an OCD even. I’ve read 35 books so far this year. I read 67 in 2016. I don’t think I’ll top that this year, but you never know. I may surprise myself. Thanks for the thoughtful post.

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    1. ur welcome, im glad u enjoyed it!
      honestly, im very big on making lists and such, so i can’t even imagine NOT being on goodreads haha!! but yeah, seeing actually numbers definitely helps here 😮

      Liked by 1 person

    1. ooooh yeah!! that’s a good point!!
      i always wanted to get into audiobooks but i just keep putting it off and off, thinking that some other day for my first time would be best,,, which is ridiculous bc i really like podcasts??? so i should like audiobooks, too, right?


  2. I agree. It’s really hard for me to not finish a book I started, but life is too short. I may have room for another 500 books in my life, but I don’t want any of the 500 to be crap. And just because a book is a best seller, does not mean it is not crap!

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    1. exactly, exactly!!! u can’t possibly like all the books, of course there will be some u won’t enjoy! but it’s so hard to tell urself that hey…… it’s cool not to finish this………..

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  3. Great post! I started to read more and have less slumps since I started to look specifically for diverse books (…they made me realize how similar white straight fantasy books are to each other, no wonder I was getting tired of them).
    Also I read more since I started believing in the power of DNFs. And I agree with your point about knowing what you like, it won’t save you from all disappointments but it does help a lot.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks!! right?? like i wasn’t even aware this was happening at first but then i looked at my last read books and it was like a lighbulb went on over my head!!
      exactly. nothing will save us completely from garbage but it’s a good first step!!

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    1. ahhh thank u!! im very glad u think so

      i feel like we all struggle with that one??? and especially us book bloggers…………… but sometimes u just GOTTA

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  4. I always think some of the best advice when it comes to reading is not to be afraid to DNF. I definitely feel more comfortable DNFing these days. Yes, I feel like I’ve picked up better quality reads because I try to read diverse reads more often. I never thought I’d enjoy graphic novels, but got into them a couple of years ago and love them. Great tips!

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    1. thank u!!
      yeah, i feel like we all struglle with dnf’ing and wish we weren’t. there’s this weird pressure to finish books when we should be trying to read Good books!!
      aahh im very excited for u re: graphic novels! it’s such a shame when ppl don’t want to try sth new bc they have this idea in their head that they won’t like it :<<<

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      1. i think for me the most out of the comfort zone reading experience was deciding to read more poetry. i never used to read that much until a few years ago but now i can’t imagine my life without it 😮

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  5. YES this is such a great post, I love your advice here. I always have the hardest time DNF-ing books, because I feel like it might get better at some point, but I really need to focus on the books I really want to read at times and learn not to be afraid to give up on a book if it’s not for me 🙂

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    1. thank u!! and yeah, dnf-ing books is so so hard! we really have to work on that, like i feel like it’s not just sth u can do like anything else, u need to make a choice. but it’s so important to rmbr that reading is supposed to be fun so really, what’s the point in reading books that make u miserable??

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  6. Thanks so much for all these tips. I’m so glad other people have to force themselves to read sometimes. When I do, I feel like a bad bookworm. I ultimately enjoy reading, but sometimes I have to push myself to do it and remember how amazing it is.

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