Monthly wrap-up: June 2018

Between that Stressful Event at work I kept talking about & then me getting sick right after it, I didn’t have that much time or energy to read in June. Still, I managed 11 books, so I’d say it’s not so bad. What do you think?

I failed my initial plan of only reading lgbt books in June… But that only happened because a few of the poetry books I’ve ordered from other libraries finally came and I only had a few days to read them before my local library had to send them back.

(And let’s…. let’s not talk about how many books from my Pride reading list I’ve read…)

interlude 2

With how much I like stats and shit, I can’t believe I’m still not putting any on those posts…… So let’s finally remedy that, at least a little bit.


Total read count: 11
Short stories: 1
Poetry: 4
💫 LGBT rep: 7
Re-reads: 3







I wanted to give some exciting life updates, but honestly, I work full time & I’m gonna have two weeks of holidays, and like… The most interesting thing about my life right now is that the renovation of my new flat is still ongoing and we’re almost at the “choosing the floors” part, so I guess that’s good.

Tell me what’s up with you, though!!! And happy July! :>>>







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17 Replies to “Monthly wrap-up: June 2018”

    1. pls let me know what u thought once u do!! it’s lowkey some of my fav books so…… :>>
      aahhh thank u so much!!! i always worry if it’s readable enough or if it’s too boring or if it’s….

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  1. I adore Ari and Dante so I’m glad that you loved it too! I really need to do a month where I just… don’t pick a TBR because a lot of the time I really enjoy having the freedom to pick up whatever book strikes my fancy at the time but I’ve gotten myself stuck in a monthly TBR hole

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    1. it’s such a lovely, soft book!!!
      tbr lists can be so ugly!! :<<< honestly i suck at them so much….. i always make some and then ALWAYS fails :<<< idk how ppl can actually stick to them!
      i think im finally ready to admit im more of a mood reader………………..


  2. 11 books is amazing!! 👏🏼 I’m glad you enjoyed Autoboyography. Peter Darling is on my TBR and I’m so excited to read it; I’m glad you loved it too! ☺️

    I’m going to be attending a residential summer program in July, starting this Sunday (7/8). I’m excited for it but also nervous/anxious because I know I’ll get homesick, and the thought of having to make new friends also makes me worried and stressed out. (Lol I’m an overworrier.) Hopefully it’ll all work out tho. 😪 I hope you have a great July! 🙂

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    1. thank u!! :>> peter darling is so great! i wish i could be bothered to write a proper review……

      oh my god that sounds so exciting!!! i get the fear of making new friends and being away from home, but im sure u will have a great time! u’ll be surrounded by ppl with similar interests, right? so that should help :>>

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    1. thank u so much, lily!!! :>>>

      aahh im nervous abt u reading ari & dante. i mean, it’s such a Beloved book, what if u won’t like it!! i can even see some things that could bother u there……….. the Softness of it overcomes any flaws for me but we’ll see, we’ll see!!!

      thanks, i cant wait to rest!


  3. I got sick this last month too and it felt like it came out of nowhere. Hoping it’s the only summer cold I get. Eleven is still a really good number. I love Ari and Dante. Definitely one that made me very emotional. Hope you have a productive and rewarding July!

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    1. it shouldn’t be legal to get sick in the summer! there’s rly nothing worse :(((
      ari & dante is such a soft book. this was my third or fourth time reading and every single time it makes me just as emotional :>>>
      thank u, i hope so too!!!

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  4. What an excellent reading month! I don’t know how you manage to read so many in just a month??? Wow, please teach me your ways! (I also suck at writing more than 3 reviews a month. HAHA.)

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    1. aahhhh thank u!!! but honestly i used to read so much more at the beginning of the year :<<<< idk what happened here………..
      writing reviews is hard!!!!


      1. Are you serious??? Wow, that’s amazing! I feel like a really slow, easily distracted reader in comparison. When do you usually find the time to read though? Like in between commutes, etc?

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      2. yeah like in february i read almost 30 books????? 😮
        honestly im pretty slow, too! and i don’t even commute, i have 5 minutes on foot to work. sometimes i’ll manage to read a bit at work. but other than that just at home after work… it’s more a problem of motivating myself to read than finding time tbh!! :((


      3. 30 omg!!! That is so great. And I can definitely relate to stuggling to find the motivation to read!

        I’m a Communication Research major, which entails reading at least a dozen academic journal articles a day for multiple (simultaneously occurring) researches. After all the academic reading, I get too pooped to even think about reading for leisure. :c


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