Diverse Reads & To Be Reads of the Week #19

Okay, yes, I haven’t written one of those posts in a while because I actually haven’t read much this year yet. The first week was great – actually, maybe even less than a week… And then I kind of went into another reading slump. New year, new me? Not in this house apparently.

So yeah, I’m gonna list all the gay shit I’ve read this year so far, not just this past week. There is not going to be a lot going on in this list, guys… But! On the plus side! (Well, a plus side for me personally, at least.) There are going to be two (2) Polish books!

I should mention, I suppose, that I’ve been digging into polish history and trying to find gay authors from my own country. It’s a slow process but I did find some good stuff already and even managed to buy a few for myself! It’s especially cool to me because those are all books and authors from the last century!

Anyway, I will one day make a post about this, either here or on Reads Rainbow, but for now, let’s focus on what I read recently.


Diverse Reads of the Week


๐Ÿ’› Crush by Richard Siken // buy it on BookDepo

Mentioned on my blog multiple times, way too many times… You think I’m joking but I featured Crush in two different Diversity Sundays: number 4 and number 15. But I also used one of the poems from this collection in the description of (one of) my mix for Harry James Potter. Anyway, this really is a gay classic at this point, let’s be real. I personally have read it all the way through 11 times. I have no idea how many more times I read only parts of it…

๐Ÿ’› Milczenie by Julian Stryjkowski

This is an anthology of sorts and I say “of sorts” because there are only two stories here. The first one – Milczenie – is the first this blatantly gay thing the author published & basically his coming out. It’s the story of narrator’s love for Jakub and how it shaped his whole life, ever since they were both just little boys. But at the same time it’s the story of the struggle of accepting being gay and that battle also mirrors the narrator’s complex relationship with Judaism & the Jewish heritage.

It’s heartbreaking and raw, and still rings so very true to gay readers decades later.

๐Ÿ’› Reflektor, issue #0

This is a Polish literary magazine that had four issues published in the ’20s. I was mostly interested in just the short story published in this issue, written by Jรณzef Czechowicz. It’s a really cool story, full of unexpected imagery, a little bit like poetry rather than prose, I would even say. But most importantly, it’s just full on gay – it starts basically with a scene of two guys kissing. And like, keep in mind: this was published in 1923. In Poland. Things like that don’t actually happen.

๐Ÿ’› Bloom by Kevin Panetta (writer) & Savanna Ganucheau (artist) // pre-order on BookDepo

I got lucky and I’m part of the blog tour for this one! I will be posting my review on January 27th, so keep an eye out on that! In short, though, this is a very delicate story but not sweet in an unrealistic way that’s just devoid of bad emotions & situations. It’s a love story between two boys who both work at a bakery and how they navigate their lives, but also their relationship. It’s lovely and the art is beautiful. I’m you guys will love it, too!!

๐Ÿ’› The Summer Palace by C.S. Pacat // buy the collection on BookDepo

Okay, yeah, so I’ve reread this for the fifth time, because I missed them, but I don’t wanna actually talk about this.

interlude 2

Diverse To Be Reads of the Week

I mentioned all the digging into Polish LGBT literature? This means I added A LOT to my list the last couple of week, but I won’t mention all those books here, since – like I said – I want to make a separate post about that and I’m still figuring out the logistics. But, of course, I also added some other things, so you won’t be left with nothing, don’t worry.



Shadows on the Moon (The Moonlit Lands #1) by Zoรซ Marriott

  • fantasy & historical fiction
  • Japanese culture inspired
  • a Cinderella retelling
  • sapphic relationship!




The Quick by Lauren Owen

  • historical fiction
  • vampires!
  • basically a gothic novel
  • “a female rope walker turned vigilante”
  • gay relationship




Penhallow Amid Passing Things by Iona Datt Sharma

  • historical fiction
  • a British-Indian author
  • magical Cornwall
  • sapphic Revenue/smuggler romance



So that’s it from me this week, guys! Hopefully you will find something nice for yourself in my small collection! And let’s hope I will have more books to bring to your attention next time I write one of those posts!

Also, you probably shouldn’t expect too much content from me in the next two weeks: I’m going to Paris on January 25th!!! I’m taking a ten days vacation with my best friend.







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