So you’re in the mood for books with lesbian protagonists

I’m a lesbian, I’m in Paris, this is a perfect opportunity for me to talk about books that have lesbian protagonists! Nah, I’m joking, every day is a good opportunity for that…

I mean, as someone who co-runs a blog specifically dedicated to LGBT media… Did y’all expect anything else from me? But yeah, check out Reads Rainbow, if you still haven’t! Charlotte just posted a rec list of novellas!

Today’s list is seven books long again. I was trying to decide which books to rec and which to leave out & then I realised: this is my blog! those are lesbians! Of course I should rec every single one I want to.

Hopefully everyone will find something for themself here, since we have contemporary, fantasy, science-fiction… Even one new adult book! Don’t tell me I’m not great at rec lists.


The Weight of the Stars.jpg


The Weight of the Stars by K. Ancrum
(buy it on BookDepo)

I sure am starting with the new book by my new favourite author (and person)! Ryann – the main character – had that Compulsory Het Crush we all know, but she identifies as a lesbian now. And falls for a girl. I mean, did you really think I would rec you a book with a lesbian MC that doesn’t go down the romance route? Guys, I did you one better! Ryann’s love interest is a lesbian, too. It’s a beautiful, tender book with an incredibly hopeful ending and I’ve been thinking about it for months since I’ve finished.


Tell Me Again How a Crush Should Feel.jpg


Tell Me Again How a Crush Should Feel by Sara Farizan
(buy on BookDepo)

A sweet little book. Our MC is a fat Persian girl and those two facts are a big part of the story, as well. But the most important is her figuring out her sexuality. We get to see crushes she develops on girls at her high-school and how she navigates that, and what she learns about herself & about love.


we are okay.jpg


We Are Okay by Nina LaCour
(buy on BookDepo)

I actually have a full review here. It’s a perfect story for the winter as that’s when it takes place, but it also takes you all the way back to the summer. A girl has to figure out her life goals, sort out the priorities. Nothing grand but still – incredibly beautiful and moving. And the wlw rep is ownvoices!


far from home.jpg


Far from Home (Belladonna Ink #1) by Lorelie Brown
(buy on BookDepo)

I definitely talked about this one before, but I still can’t believe that this is a new adult book and that I enjoyed it! I mean, this never happens, they are always so… Yeah. Anyway, here we not only have lesbians, but lesbians who green-card marry! What’s better than some fake dating, I ask you.

TW: eating disorder


annie on my mind.jpg


Annie on My Mind by Nancy Garden
(buy on BookDepo)

A lesbian classic! You can read my full review here. It aged really well as far as the feelings & emotions go. The details of plot might seem silly at times, but overall the idea is still valid a few decades after this was published.


Ice Massacre.jpg


Ice Massacre (Mermaids of Eriana Kwai #1) by Tiana Warner
(buy on BookDepo)

A little girl makes friends with a mermaid. But then she finally starts training for real as one of the warriors whose mission is to kill mermaids! But she’s a lesbian! And you know how we gay people get… We never do what we’re told.




Ascension (Tangled Axon #1) by Jacqueline Koyanagi
(buy on BookDepo)

A sci-fi book where the main character is a Black lesbian with a chronic illness. Yeah, I couldn’t believe that either. She’s also an engineer, has a complicated relationship with her sister and suffers from PTSD. There’s also a polyam relationship in the story. And as a final selling point: basically all characters who matter for the plot are women. Anyway, it’s honestly just a beautifully written, heartwarming found family.

interlude 2

I hope that satisfied your taste for lesbians. I did try to make this as varied as possible.

Do you often read books featuring lesbians?

Do you feel like there are enough of those?







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13 Replies to “So you’re in the mood for books with lesbian protagonists”

      1. im sure u will enjoy we are okay, it’s a beautiful story!!
        and oh my god, it was my pleasure to put this little list together!! :>>> glad u enjoyed!

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      1. honestly, i don’t think i’ve seen a bad word abt it myself! and the author herself is wonderful so that makes sense haha
        ahh i love when that happens!!! :>>>

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