Starting the week with poetry: Black lesbian poets

I feel like this title is pretty self-explanatory, don’t you? I was just going to do a post about lesbian poets, period. But then I realised it’s still Black History Month. AND it’s Audre Lorde’s birthday today. The universe wants me to talk about poetry collection specifically by Black lesbians. And who am I to refuse…

Also, let’s be honest here, I will probably make another post about lesbian poets some day. There are just too many great voices that need recognition or that people need to be reminded of. So no promises that it will happen soon, but I’m gonna be back with more!

interlude 2

💛 The Black Unicorn by Audre Lorde 💛 Movement in Black by Pat Parker 💛 Oral Tradition by Jewelle Gomez

Starting off with some Big Names. I’m sure that you know them already if you ever tried to look for some lesbian poetry. But hey, they’re big for a reason, right? All three of them were very sharp with words, not pulling any punches & not for a second letting the reader forget that they’re Black and proud of it.

I mentioned another collection by Parker on my blog already, Womanslaughter. Incidentally in a Diversity Sunday post where I also talked about Adrienne Rich.


💛 Life Mask by Jackie Kay 💛 Bestiary by Donika Kelly 💛 Kohnjehr Woman by Ana-Maurine Lara

All three of those poetry collections were contenders for the Lambda Award for Lesbian Poetry, in 2005, 2016 & 2017 respectively. (Actually, Oral Tradition lost in 1995 to Rich’s collection.) They’re very different to each other, in imagery they use, in general style. But still on the fundamental level somehow similar, in a way that there are some things in life that all lesbians will perceive in a similar manner.

interlude 2

💛 The Forbidden Poems by Becky Birtha 💛 Life in a Box is a Pretty Life by Dawn Lundy Martin 💛 Rock | Salt | Stone by Rosamond S. King

Another trio recognised by the Lambda Award for Lesbian Poetry: Birtha was nominated in 1991 (the year I was born!) and Martin (2015) & King (2017) won. I guess in this household we just enjoy talking about lesbians who were already celebrated by others. As all lesbians should be!


Do you guys actually enjoy poetry? I kind of run on an assumption that everyone does… It might be because I love poetry so much, but who knows.

In any case, what other lesbian poets do you love?

Who can you recommend to me?







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3 Replies to “Starting the week with poetry: Black lesbian poets”

  1. These look so excellent!! I really like poetry, but I honestly don’t read much; it’s a genre I feel like I need to take more time to get into.

    (Also, I don’t know if I’ve said this before, but your blog design is LOVELY.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks! and i feel u, poetry can seem scary when ur only starting to read more of it. if u ever need some recs hmu! i usually read gay stuff or stuff that makes u cry lmao

      ((aahhh thank u!!! i wanted sth summery and light to go with the peaches haha))


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