So you’re in the mood for friends to lovers trope

I know we all know enemies to lovers trope is the biggest blessing that can fall upon a reader but actually, friends to lovers is right there on the podium with it.  Which is why I’m here today with a list of books that feature friends turned lovers.

Plus, I already covered enemies to lovers recently. (With only gay books at that.)

So guys, this really doesn’t need any further introduction, does it? Let’s just sit back and enjoy!


the wicker king


The Wicker King by K. Ancrum
(buy it on BookDepo)

Surely, if you know me at all, you’re not surprised that the first book on my list is by Kayla. I can’t even say I’m just hyping up books by a friend because she is honestly!! this!! good!! Anyway, back to the point. August and Jack have been friends since forever & their friendship is very much intense and a little bit unhealthy. It does get addressed, though, don’t worry! Those boys will make your gay heart flutter while also giving you anxiety. It’s great.


How to Repair a Mechanical Heart


How to Repair a Mechanical Heart by J.C. Lillis
(buy on BookDepo)

We actually also get fake dating in this one because I am just this good at recing books. You’re welcome. But yeah, this is a story of two nerds who are very into this one TV show, to the point of doing vlogs about it. We all know that bonding over a show is the best kind of boding & helps form the best friendships. Brandon and Abel understand that as well. Oh, they also take a road-trip!! Do you feel like you’re in book heaven yet?


The Piper's Son.jpg


The Piper’s Son by Melina Marchetta
(buy on BookDepo)

It’s been a hot sec since I’ve recced a book by Marchetta, but please realise, that every time I make a list, my first thought is: can I use a Marchetta book. She’s my fav author, okay. I have a whole post about it. So! I recommend reading Saving Francesca before this one since it’s the same set of characters, but you don’t really have to. You will still fall in love with the best kids in the world. And yes, our protagonist, Tom, is a village idiot and also in love with his friend, Tara. On a side note, this book (as all Marchetta books) features amazing family relationships! Healthy families, guys!


Complementary and Acute.jpg


Complementary and Acute by Ella Lyons

This one is just a cute little short story, but listen. Get this. It’s a (1) sapphic story set at a (2) boarding school about two girls who are (3) roommates and also (4) best friends. Have I just made all your dreams come true? I know I did. You don’t even have to thank me, just read it!!


Wonders of the Invisible World


Wonders of the Invisible World by Christopher Barzak
(buy on BookDepo)

Another one that’s an absolute favourite of mine! Just earlier this month while in Paris I gifted my annotated copy to my best friend, so we’re really keeping the ‘friends to lovers’ tradition alive on this blog… Anyway! The strength of the relationship between Aidan and Jarrod is actually what allows this story to take place at all, and what saves the day, basically. Gay love can do anything, y’all. (And it’s an ownvoices book!!) I also have a one-sentence review of this here.




Fanfik by Natalia Osińska

Okay, well, this is my blog, so I can do whatever I want and that means I can rec Polish books that still aren’t translated into English. And especially since befriending a boy at school helps MC to realise that he’s in fact trans. Coming out and the whole transition is honestly handled really well, very graceful. And Leon (the friend who becomes a boyfriend) is an actual angel and I would die for him. I hope this gets translated into English, for your sake, guys. (This is part one of a trilogy!)


I’ll be honest. When I started this list, I didn’t even mean to make it LGBT friendly. And yet, here we are anyway! What can I say… I’m not sorry lmao.

Do you like the friends to lovers trope?

What other tropes are your favourite?


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