Monthly wrap-up: April 2019

Well, if I’m doing a wrap-up post for April, the first thing I should mention is: I moved last week! It’s been whole eight days, to be exact, because I moved on a Saturday. We were renovating a flat for me for ages, since my father and uncle did all the work themselves and they only had time after their day jobs. But hey, who cares, right? The important part is that they are finished & I have a whole beautiful flat for myself!

Also, head over to my twitter for some pics!

I had to finally change my twitter bio as well, because up until now it just said “a book blogger with no bookshelves”. But I have a bookcase now! I even arranged my books on it last night!

Anyway, let’s talk about the books I’ve read last month! And yes, before you ask, I am still doing my monthly reread of Crush.


Total read count: 7
Poetry: 1
💫 LGBT rep: 6
Re-reads: 1
Polish books: 2





Also I didn’t mark With the Fire on High as having LGBT rep but! It actually features a side lesbian couple! I just reserved the gay emoji for books with an LGBT main characters. :>>


Sure, that’s not very many books. But honestly, I’m glad I managed to read even only those!

How did April go for you guys reading-wise? Better than me?

What was your favourite read of the month?




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5 Replies to “Monthly wrap-up: April 2019”

  1. You read so many great books! I’m really keen to I Knew Him! I still have an arc I didn’t get around to (oops) but knowing you enjoyed it has gotten me so excited! Hope you have a great May! 💕

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    1. i know! like maybe i didn’t read a lot but basically all those books were great???
      i knew him is a wonderful story, such a comfort one!! im sure u will enjoy it as well!!!

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