Monthly wrap-up: May-August 2019

There comes a time in one’s life, when you have to look at your book blog and think to yourself: wow, I haven’t posted a wrap-up in months! And then you realise the only way to come out of the situation with any dignity at all, is to make one post for all the months you missed.

So this is technically a monthly wrap-up. But it’s actually more like a quarterly wrap-up. And actually, I’m only gonna list the books I rated 4 or 5 stars (peaches!).

interludeM A Y

Total read count: 17
Poetry: 7
💫 LGBT rep: 12
Re-reads: 3
Polish books: 1



interludeJ U N E

Total read count: 14
Poetry: 4
💫 LGBT rep: 13
Re-reads: 2
Polish books: 0



interludeJ U L Y

Total read count: 10
Poetry: 3
💫 LGBT rep: 8
Re-reads: 2
Polish books: 2


interludeA U G U S T

Total read count: 6
Poetry: 1
💫 LGBT rep: 5
Re-reads: 2
Polish books: 0


  • 💫 Crush by Richard Siken | 5/5 🍑 (reread; review)
  • Evelina by Frances Burney | 4/5 🍑 (reread; review)
  • 💫 Crowded, Vol. 1 by Christopher Sebela (writer), Ro Stein (artist) & Ted Brandt (artist) | 4/5 🍑 (review)


Can you see how I kept reading less and less each month? Can you see how I’m still sticking with my monthly rereads of Crush? Can you see how basically each month my fav reads where the LGBT ones?

Anyway, according to my reading challenge I should be reading 8.7 books per month, so really, I only majorly fucked up in August…


How was summer for you, reading wise?

What were your faves?

Anything that’s also on my list?




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2 Replies to “Monthly wrap-up: May-August 2019”

    1. I’ve been thinking abt this book ever since i finished it and honestly it’s a miracle i haven’t reread it like 5 times already 😮
      and thanks!! august wasn’t good to me but overall it was rather great, wasn’t it 💛


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