Book Tag: #FFFeb

You probably know about the challenge/readathon my friend & co-blogger Charlotte @ Tea Leaf Reads organised for February. The name – FFFeb – is pretty telling, as the main premise was to read f/f books in February. Ideally, only sapphic ones.

The second most important part was talking about the f/f books you were reading on twitter. Sapphic books can always use more attention! If you follow me on twitter (@ heresthepencil), you might have noticed my reading threads.

To wrap-up the whole challenge, though, Charlotte came up with a book tag as well! And that’s what I’m doing today! There are 12 questions to answer total, so let’s see how I did in February!

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Book tag: naughty or nice

I haven’t done a book tag in so long, oh my god! Well, it’s my fault, because as I took a break from blogging, I kind of ignored some games I was tagged in… But shh! Let’s not talk about that!

Anyway!! This time I was tagged by Jamieson! Thank you, sunshine! This was so much fun!

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“I Spy” book challenge

Right after that horrible stressful event at work was done??? I got sick! Yeah, in the middle of summer! What can I say, I’m very talented… But yeah, that’s why I wasn’t more active around here. And that’s also why I did a fun tag because 1) I deserve fun things and 2) that’s like I have energy for.

Anyway, I got more or less tagged by my favourite sunshine Lily! And what the challenge is all about is: Find a book that contains (either on the cover or in the title) an example for each category. You must have a separate book for all 20, get as creative as you want and do it within five minutes! (I don’t know who thought of the “five minutes” rule but they were cruel and also unrealistic.)

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The Summer 2018 Comment Challenge


Hey, guys! The beautiful banner already pretty much told you what I’m taking part in but! The Comment Challenge is this very cool & cute challenge hosted by Lonna @ FLYLēF & Alicia @ A Kernel of Nonsense. The name is very telling, but just so we’re clear: the idea is that you sign up and then once you’re assigned a partner – comment on their posts throughout June. Lonna & Alicia gathered the list of all the people who will participate and then paired them up as partners.

The partners list is up & mine is Lili @ Utopia State of Mind!! I’m already lowkey in love wit her blog so this should be amazing! You can check out all the other participants here.

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LGBT+ ownvoices bingo: Week 3, Day 1


I don’t know where the time went, but we’re already two weeks into the bingo!! I haven’t read as many books as I could have for it so far, but I definitely read more than I would without this idea! So it was totally worth it. :>>

And we still have over two weeks left so you can still start playing with us if you want! You can read all the details in my previous posts here and here.

So now for the books I’ve read so far!! I managed to finish four but I still didn’t get a single bingo… I’m currently reading an ARC of Running With Lions by Julian Winters though and when I’m done, it will put me one book away from the first full line!

I’m also doing this update as a twitter thread & there I list all the squares a book could count for in case anyone’s interested in the tropes. But here I’m gonna focus on what I’ll actually put the books down for!

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