Diverse Reads & To Be Reads of the Week #20

The title says “of the week”, but I keep making one post like this a month… God, I’m pretty sure all I do on this blog is complaining about how little I read these days… It’s just really tragic, okay? Last week I had to trick myself with some trashy new adult romance books, just so I would finally finish a book. ://

This week was better, though. I actually read some great stuff! And two books that I had on my TBR for basically years. 😮 So that’s gotta count for something, right?

Just please keep your fingers crossed for me that I won’t forget how to read again next week…

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Diverse Reads & To Be Reads of the Week #19

Okay, yes, I haven’t written one of those posts in a while because I actually haven’t read much this year yet. The first week was great – actually, maybe even less than a week… And then I kind of went into another reading slump. New year, new me? Not in this house apparently.

So yeah, I’m gonna list all the gay shit I’ve read this year so far, not just this past week. There is not going to be a lot going on in this list, guys… But! On the plus side! (Well, a plus side for me personally, at least.) There are going to be two (2) Polish books!

I should mention, I suppose, that I’ve been digging into polish history and trying to find gay authors from my own country. It’s a slow process but I did find some good stuff already and even managed to buy a few for myself! It’s especially cool to me because those are all books and authors from the last century!

Anyway, I will one day make a post about this, either here or on Reads Rainbow, but for now, let’s focus on what I read recently.

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Diverse reads & to be reads of the week #17

Me? Randomly coming back to my blog and acting like my last post isn’t from like, I don’t know…. September? Yeah I’m not sure why you guys are even surprised, that’s been my style since the very start.

Anyway! The point is! I kind of freaked out at the beginning of December because I was eighteen (18) books behind on my goodreads challenge. No big deal, right? :<< But guess what! I read so many short story and poetry collections since then, I actually already finished my challenge.

And why is that the point? Isn’t the answer obvious? Pretty much everything I read while trying to catch up was diverse. So here we are. And I won’t even be cheating, I will only put in the books I’ve read this very week.

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Diverse reads & to be reads of the week #16

This Stressful Event I’ve been talking about a lot – the reason why I haven’t had time to read & comment on your posts lately, sorry! – is this Friday, so very soon I should finally have time and energy to read again!

I managed two stories with trans MCs this week and both of them were ownvoices, so that’s nice. I’m definitely not reading as many books with trans characters, as I’d like, though… If you have any recs, please hmu!!!

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Diverse reads & to be reads of the week #15

Okay, let’s start this post by me saying: please don’t laugh at me.

Why would you laugh? Oh well, it might have something to do with that fact that I read one (1) book this week… I don’t know, just a guess. To make it more obvious for you, that one book wasn’t even a novel, but a poetry collection, so it’s not like it took me days to read it. And it’s not even a poetry collection I haven’t read before…

Yes, okay, so I read Crush again, so what.

On the plus side, my friends request question on goodreads is “what good diverse book can you rec me?”, so I do have some things to make you aware of this week!

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