Diverse reads & to be reads of the week #14

Oh, look, it’s a Sunday again!! But let me actually start this week’s post by saying that I decided to change the rules of this series. Well, at least for now, we’ll see how long I will stick with it. But! I haven’t been reading all that much lately, I’m sure you’ve noticed?? My solution to that is: I will be listing diverse books I’ve added to my tbr in a week, as well!!

So I have two books I did read this week for y’all and a whole bunch of stuff I  want to read!

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Diverse reads of the week #13

This time I’m here with books I actually read this week. A round of applause, please, yes.

Anyway, I have four titles for you – a novella, two poetry collections & a comic book. And a great thing about this line-up: the first one is by a nonbinary person & the other three by woc! Look who takes bringing diversity to you seriously!!

Okay, let’s jump in. I’m keeping the bullets theme of last week, we’ll see for how long.

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Diverse reads of the week #11

To be honest with you, I was actually getting ready to write a wrap-up post for March. But at the last possible minute realised that wait… today is a Sunday!! And we all know what Sundays mean on my blog!

So here we are then.

To be even more honest, though, I barely have two books today. I guess you might say I got into a little bit of a reading slump?? IDK it wasn’t the greatest week for me, reading-wise… But then books I did read? Both amazing!

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Diverse reads of the week #10

Well look at that! We hit a round number with this series finally! I’m so happy to see that I am actually able of sticking with an idea and seeing it through. Here’s hoping I will one day add another zero to this beautiful number!

As for books today, I have four for you, which is pretty decent, I suppose. And two of them are sapphic books – that always makes everything better, if I do say so myself! Also, I read two of those for the LGBT+ ownvoices bingo (you can read about the idea here) and that means I’m done with three squares already. I almost did a whole line!

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