Reading list: 12 books I NEED to read in 2019

I already talked about this on twitter, so you might have some idea of what books you’re about to see, if you follow me there. But yeah, basically I was inspired by Melanie and her list of 12 books she wanted to & did manage to finally read in 2018. I’m definitely not as good with reading lists as she is, but she encouraged me, so here we are!

I’m pretty sure all of those books were sitting on my TBR since 2017 or even earlier, with maybe one or two exceptions. I’m really hoping that by sharing this list with you guys, I will be better motivated to read them! Please keep your fingers crossed for me, though! I’m definitely gonna need some encouraging.

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So you’re in the mood for lgbt books with the found family trope

Found family is one of my favourite tropes and I’m definitely not alone in that. I mean, I actually know for sure because I was running a poll on twitter to figure out what my theme should be today – and most of y’all voted for found families.

And so here we are. But of course I had to make it harder for myself and decided to only rec books with gay characters. Which, depending how you look at it, might have been my best idea yet. I was pretty close to just reccing Les Mis otherwise and being done with it…

Let’s dive in!

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So you’re in the mood for lgbt books written in the XX century

Hey, it’s time for another highly specific rec post from Anna! I know you’ve missed those! Well, I know I’ve missed them and I might be projecting, but… In any case, I thought of a lot of nice themes to make new lists for, so you guys have a lot of stuff to look forward to!

Today we are diving into older gay books. I’m sure all of you who are lgbt themselves, know the indescribable joy of reading books about us that were written a long time ago. Just… this knowledge that we have always existed! That we have always had stories to tell! There’s something magical in that.

So here I am with five books starring gay characters that were written in the last century. Enjoy!

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Diverse reads & to be reads of the week #17

Me? Randomly coming back to my blog and acting like my last post isn’t from like, I don’t know…. September? Yeah I’m not sure why you guys are even surprised, that’s been my style since the very start.

Anyway! The point is! I kind of freaked out at the beginning of December because I was eighteen (18) books behind on my goodreads challenge. No big deal, right? :<< But guess what! I read so many short story and poetry collections since then, I actually already finished my challenge.

And why is that the point? Isn’t the answer obvious? Pretty much everything I read while trying to catch up was diverse. So here we are. And I won’t even be cheating, I will only put in the books I’ve read this very week.

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So you’re in the mood for books with good villains

Now, before you get all excited or angry at me – when I say “good villains“, what I mean is “well developed, fully fleshed-out villains who have actual agendas and often the narrative presents them through an unexpected twist”. That’s what you’re gonna get in this post. Or at least something close to it, I mean, I will do my best…

This rec is brought to you by an anon on CC, so please!! please!!! Always feel free to request stuff!!

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