So you’re in the mood for The Chosen One trope

Is there anyone who doesn’t know this trope? And is there anyone who doesn’t love it?

I’m gonna be the first to admit that like 78% of the time it’s an absolute mess. Which probably comes from the fact that 78% it’s featured in a long fantasy series written by a white, straight dude…

But there ARE good books with the Chosen One trope! And you CAN find some with cool twists on that trope, to make it more interesting! That’s what I’m focusing on here today.

I also wanna take this opportunity to talk to you guys about my most beloved character ever. Because the first book that comes to mind when we mention this trope? We’re this generation, so of course it’s Harry Potter, right??? And the character whomst I raised and would die for? My bi son Harry James Potter. Anyway.

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So you’re in the mood for translated lgbt books

Okay, there are two important things about this week’s post that we gotta clear up right at the start, before we actually get into this.

  1. When I say “translated books”, I mean books that were translated into English from any given language. There were a few good books I couldn’t include here simply because they were written in a foreign language (to y’all English natives), but weren’t translated into English. Yet, hopefully.
  2. I actually only have read one of the books I’m reccing this week. And it’s not even a book, it’s a manga. What can I say, it’s kind of hard to find lgbt books that aren’t by English speaking authors, let alone ones I’ve personally read…

I guess we can do this now.

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So you’re in the mood for lgbt books with hate to love trope

So that’s a pretty long title, but the post will be quick, because I’m sick and need a nap. Yes, I managed to get sick in June, in the middle of summer! I blame it on all the stress of last week and the running around on Friday doing errands for work till 10pm…

Anyway, this week I have for you books (and graphic novels!) with the best trope imaginable, with the one we all love the most, with the one that’s better than all the others… Yes, hate to love!! It’s gonna be awkward if you’re not as obsessed with it as I apparently am…

And since it’s Pride, once again all my recs today are LGBT!!

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So you’re in the mood for lgbt poetry

Once again I had to make a poll on twitter to figure out what theme I should take on this week, because I cannot make decisions on my own. (Yes, I’ll be decorating my flat that’s currently under renovation – can you imagine how much I’m actually dreading that??) Anyway, y’all wanted gay poetry. So here I am.

Before you ask, yes, I was tempted to just rec Crush five times. I was strong, though, and didn’t include it at all!! But I took an example from that collection and so all my recs this Tuesday are ownvoices.

And since it’s poetry, I decided it would be good to include quotes, let the poets speak for themselves. I can’t do better than them anyway…

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So you’re in the mood for sapphic graphic novels

I hope none of you, guys, expected any cishet recommendations from me this month? It’s Pride! Any time is good to share good lgbt stories, but this time is the best! So here I am, fulfilling a request for graphic novels & only choosing ones with sapphic leads.

Before we start, a reminder that in this series I already covered retellings, historical fiction with no magical elements, and books set at a boarding school. I have some solid ideas for future posts – especially Pride ones – but please, feel free to suggest genres/tropes/stuff in the comments!!

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So you’re in the mood for books set at a boarding school

Like I said last week, I was running a poll on twitter to find out what theme you guys want me to follow with my next post. Boarding schools had the same exact percentage of votes as historical fiction so! Here I am! Hoping my choices will be satisfactory…

This week there will be six (6) books instead of five and I even have a pretty much valid reason for that! Basically one of the books I’m about to rec takes place at a college dorm which is technically a boarding school but you might also argue it’s not the same. So to recompense, I will be adding one more book! (And another one is a short story which gives me even more reason to go for a bigger number of books!)

And just like last week, I can tell you that 4/6 of the books in this post focus on a gay relationship & one features a gay side-couple. Okay, let’s go.

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