So you’re in the mood for historical fiction

I was running a poll on twitter where I asked you what my theme for this week should be. Y’all wanted me to go with historical fiction and so here I am. I decided to make things harder for myself, though. Which means that there is no magic at all, whatsoever, in any shape or form in any of the books I’m about to list. Why did I say harder? Because guess what guys, turns out I’m a big fan of historical fiction with a dash of fantasy! I didn’t actually realise this about myself either…

Also a side-note: three of the books on this list feature a sapphic relationship because I just wouldn’t be myself otherwise. Okay, let’s go.

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So you’re in the mood for retellings

The things about book recs is that they’re the easiest to give, when someone tells you what exactly are they in the mood for. You probably won’t get all the books right for them, but it’s still gonna be easier than just throwing random titles at them.

And that’s what this series is about. I choose a theme (or you give me one, hopefully) & give you five books that fit it in some ways. As you can already tell, today’s theme is: retellings!!

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