Waiting for: March 2018

Hey, so before we start: I’m a Book Depository affiliate now & we all love their free shipping, I’m sure. So maybe consider buying your next book through this link? You get a precious addition to your bookshelf & I get like a dollar or half – it’s a win-win situation!! :>>>

Okay! So! We’re only three days in the month so I guess it’s not too late for this. Especially when March is such a good month for lit!! There are so many fabulous books coming out, it’s amazing! I was really strict with my own list and narrowed it down to 7 titles but honestly? I can feel it in my bones I will add more this month releases to my TBR list…

(Back in January I made a twitter thread of a few 2018 releases so you might wanna check that out too!!)

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Waiting for: September 2017

For whatever reason I was convinced I already read more of this year’s releases… Turns out I was only planning on reading most of them & have yet to accomplish that. The only ones I did read were the Captive Prince short stories, When Rosie Met Jim by Melina Marchetta (I will grow old waiting for the Jimmy book but it will be worth it!!), and of course the most important two that completely stole my heart – The Gentelman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee & The Bedlam Stacks by Natasha Pulley.

If I’m being totally honest it’s those two that made me think so fondly of this year’s books & gave me so much hope for what’s yet to come! :>>>

When I started writing this post it was supposed to be “books of fall ’17” but then I realised just how many I’m waiting for and umm…. It didn’t seem like such a great idea anymore. So I cut it to only September in the end.

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