So you’re in the mood for books with lesbian protagonists

I’m a lesbian, I’m in Paris, this is a perfect opportunity for me to talk about books that have lesbian protagonists! Nah, I’m joking, every day is a good opportunity for that…

I mean, as someone who co-runs a blog specifically dedicated to LGBT media… Did y’all expect anything else from me? But yeah, check out Reads Rainbow, if you still haven’t! Charlotte just posted a rec list of novellas!

Today’s list is seven books long again. I was trying to decide which books to rec and which to leave out & then I realised: this is my blog! those are lesbians! Of course I should rec every single one I want to.

Hopefully everyone will find something for themself here, since we have contemporary, fantasy, science-fiction… Even one new adult book! Don’t tell me I’m not great at rec lists.

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Diverse reads of the week #10

Well look at that! We hit a round number with this series finally! I’m so happy to see that I am actually able of sticking with an idea and seeing it through. Here’s hoping I will one day add another zero to this beautiful number!

As for books today, I have four for you, which is pretty decent, I suppose. And two of them are sapphic books – that always makes everything better, if I do say so myself! Also, I read two of those for the LGBT+ ownvoices bingo (you can read about the idea here) and that means I’m done with three squares already. I almost did a whole line!

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