So you’re in the mood for friends to lovers trope

I know we all know enemies to lovers trope is the biggest blessing that can fall upon a reader but actually, friends to lovers is right there on the podium with it.  Which is why I’m here today with a list of books that feature friends turned lovers.

Plus, I already covered enemies to lovers recently. (With only gay books at that.)

So guys, this really doesn’t need any further introduction, does it? Let’s just sit back and enjoy!

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So you’re in the mood for books set in Europe

Listen, I know, I realise: we strive for diversity in this establishment. So what am I doing recommending books set in Europe of all places? Like there aren’t countless titles like that! What’s the deal, Anna, you may ask.

Well, first of all, I’m from Europe and sometimes you actually do wanna see yourself in the books you read. I mean, I won’t really see myself because none of those books are set in Poland…. I clearly didn’t think this through… In my defense, none of the books set here that I would like to recommend, are even translated into English. So there’s that. But still, it’s Europe, it’s close enough.

And this IS reading peaches which means the books I’m gonna talk about have POC characters or LGBT characters, or a really cool set-up, or are written by women… Actually, they are all but one written by women and the one that isn’t – it’s Les Misérables. I just wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t rec my fav book of all time when talking about books set in Europe!!

Also, fun fact: I’m going to Paris next week!!! I’m so excited, guys! I’ve never been there before and I’m going with my best friend. We’re gonna hit up all the places connected to Les Mis and all the cool museums, and it’s going to be fabulous.

Okay, okay, so let’s proceed with the list! And today it’s seven books because, hey, it’s my blog, I can bend the rules if I feel like it.

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So you’re in the mood for lgbt books with the found family trope

Found family is one of my favourite tropes and I’m definitely not alone in that. I mean, I actually know for sure because I was running a poll on twitter to figure out what my theme should be today – and most of y’all voted for found families.

And so here we are. But of course I had to make it harder for myself and decided to only rec books with gay characters. Which, depending how you look at it, might have been my best idea yet. I was pretty close to just reccing Les Mis otherwise and being done with it…

Let’s dive in!

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So you’re in the mood for The Chosen One trope

Is there anyone who doesn’t know this trope? And is there anyone who doesn’t love it?

I’m gonna be the first to admit that like 78% of the time it’s an absolute mess. Which probably comes from the fact that 78% it’s featured in a long fantasy series written by a white, straight dude…

But there ARE good books with the Chosen One trope! And you CAN find some with cool twists on that trope, to make it more interesting! That’s what I’m focusing on here today.

I also wanna take this opportunity to talk to you guys about my most beloved character ever. Because the first book that comes to mind when we mention this trope? We’re this generation, so of course it’s Harry Potter, right??? And the character whomst I raised and would die for? My bi son Harry James Potter. Anyway.

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So you’re in the mood for books set at a boarding school

Like I said last week, I was running a poll on twitter to find out what theme you guys want me to follow with my next post. Boarding schools had the same exact percentage of votes as historical fiction so! Here I am! Hoping my choices will be satisfactory…

This week there will be six (6) books instead of five and I even have a pretty much valid reason for that! Basically one of the books I’m about to rec takes place at a college dorm which is technically a boarding school but you might also argue it’s not the same. So to recompense, I will be adding one more book! (And another one is a short story which gives me even more reason to go for a bigger number of books!)

And just like last week, I can tell you that 4/6 of the books in this post focus on a gay relationship & one features a gay side-couple. Okay, let’s go.

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A peach of my eye: Melina Marchetta

Me? Starting yet another series of posts? Unheard of!! Well maybe at least in this case I will finally be more successful… Tbh though it’s not my fault thinking of what kinds of things you wanna post is more entertaining & easier than actually writing them down. But let’s get to the point.

A peach? Sure, my favourite fruit but in this case it also means: my favourite author. Hopefully I’ll introduce you in upcoming months to lots of them, but I started this blog with a review of one of Marchetta’s books & I will start this series with her as well. (Can you tell I adore her?)

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