Monthly wrap-up: September 2018

Look who is not dead after all!! Okay yes, yes, I know, I haven’t been here in ages… But work been kicking my ass and it’s not like I was really reading anything in the past two or three months…

I also have some great news! Together with my friend Charlotte we started a brand new blog – Reads Rainbow – dedicated exclusively to reviews and recommendations of lgbt media, be it books or movies or shows. The first review – by your truly – is up so maybe check it out here.

Now let’s move on to all those six books I read in September.

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What do read during the Pride month

Like I said before, this month I’m only talking about LGBT books!! So of course it’s natural I put together a reading list of some kind, specifically for the occasion. I have no doubt in my mind that I won’t read all those books this month. I’ll be lucky if I read like half! But it’s important to set goals for yourself, right? And anyway, the idea is that in June I will read books only from this list! We’ll see how that goes…

There’s also a little bit of everything on here, to keep things interesting. We have poetry, we have nonfiction, we have young adult contemporaries, fantasy, science-fiction, we have adult fiction… I tried to put some diversity here as well, so it’s not all just books by white American authors about m/m ships.

Some other points about the list before we actually start it:

  1. all the books listed here have lgbt leads
  2. all the books are written by lgbt authors
  3. (though they’re not always ownvoices for the specific rep)
  4. I haven’t read any of those books myself yet
  5. the books are in no particular order

Okay, I think we can do this now.

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